Sleep early at night with 10 Useful Tips!

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Rohan feels tired most of the time, has bags under his eyes and has to take medicine to sleep at night.

He has to work for long hours from home during the pandemic crisis. Late night lifestyle has taken an adverse toll on his mental and physical health.

He sleeps in late and gets up around noon time. His family physician has advised him to improve his health with daily exercises, meditation, hobbies and most importantly-to sleep early to get complete rest.

Seems like the adage- early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise holds true, isn’t it?

Advantages of sleeping early at night:

how to sleep early at night

a. Your body and mind get rest:

When you sleep early, your body and mind get plenty of rest. As a result you wake up fresh early in the morning.

A relaxed system will help you remain active in daytime. Your work efficiency improves without a doubt!

b. Your immunity gets a boost:

When you hit the bed early, your system gets ample time to rejuvenate itself overnight.

Your stress levels go down with adequate rest. Your body cells repair themselves overnight. This boosts your immunity levels effortlessly!

c. Your heart health improves:

When you sleep early at night, your blood pressure lowers down. This makes you less prone to heart diseases and stroke.

d. Enhances your good mood and memory:

When you sleep early, your body and mind get much needed rest at night. You wake up happy mood, feel relaxed and energetic.

Your brain cells get rejuvenated with restful slumber. This makes your memory sharp and your brain alert all day long.

With so many valuable health benefits of a goodnight’s sleep, you may be wondering how to sleep early at night, isn’t it?

Well, you can adopt many ways to sleep early in your daily routine!

What to do to sleep early?

1.  Chart out a sleep schedule:

how to sleep early and fast

If you have no idea how to get sleep early, then chart out a sleep schedule for yourself.

Decide upon a time to eat early dinner, complete your night routine of brushing the teeth or taking a walk, watch your favourite shows and retire to bed on time.

For example if you want to sleep early by 10 pm, then you should eat dinner by 8pm and hit the bed by 9.30pm. This will give you time to unwind and fall off to sleep early.

You may use an alarm clock to help you stick to the routine.

2. Improve your body clock gradually:

If you have habit of staying awake till late hours at night and wondering how to sleep early and wake up early, then do not stress yourself out.

Rome was not built in a day!

Take your time to gradually change your body clock.

For example, if you sleep by midnight, then try hitting the bed by 11.30 pm for a few days.

When your body gets used to this sleep time, then further shift it to 11pm. Continue with this cycle till you reach your desired sleep time.

This way your body will adapt to the early sleep schedule in a few days without fail.

3. Create bedtime ambience:

ways to sleep early

Create a relaxing ambience for your bedroom at night.

Make your bed comfortable, dim the lights, play relaxing music, read your favourite book, maintain comfortable room temperature or simply have a bath.

This will ensure that you drift off to sleep in no time quite easily.

4. Work out the potential obstacles:

If you are wondering what to do to sleep early, then mentally list out all the possible hindrances to getting to bed at night.

By evening your body and mind are much tired and may not work as fast as your expected time schedule.

Finish most of your home chores and work during day time. Prep up tasks for the next morning in the previous evening.

This will help you get to bed on time. You will be able to relax and unwind easily and soon drift off to sleep.

5. Cut off screen time:

tips to sleep early

The golden rule of sleeping early is to cut off all screen time at least one hour before bedtime.

The blue light of your mobile, I-pad, TV or laptop screen alerts your brain. This makes falling off to sleep difficult at night.

So, put your mobile on silent mode and keep it away from your bed to get goodnight’s sleep early.

6. Avoid day time snooze:

An important tip on how to sleep early and fast at night is to avoid snoozing off during the daytime.

This will make you naturally sleepy early at night and you will not be left counting the sheep at bedtime.

7. Eat light:         

A miracle remedy to sleep early at night is to eat a light dinner. Make sure you eat the last meal of the day at least 1.5 to 2 hours before bedtime.

A light stomach will help you snooze off easily at bedtime.

8. Workout daily:

how to sleep early and wake up

Include your favourite workout in your day schedule. A well exercised body will help you sleep early at night naturally.

You may choose anything you love doing from walking to zumba dancing to keep fit.

9. Avoid stimulants at night:

Try not to consume stimulants like caffeine, chocolates or alcohol in the evening.

These stimulants hamper your sleep pattern by making your body and mind active.

10. Relax at bedtime:

how to get sleep early

Relax yourself physically and mentally at bedtime. You may meditate, read or chant prayers before sleeping. This is the most vital mantra to follow to get a peaceful sleep early at night.

Just follow these top 10 tips on how to sleep early and get up early. You will radiate with health and happiness within no time.

If you have more tips to sleep early, then feel free to share them with us in the comment box below!


12 thoughts on “Sleep early at night with 10 Useful Tips!”

  1. These tips helped me alot because I slept late around 2-3 a.m. and then woke up at 2-2:30 many times more so I was just searching around about some tips and I can assume these tips really practice.
    Thank you😊

  2. 👍 nice.. a bath before hitting the bed gives me good sleep…
    Helps get rid of the negative auras of ppl we may have rubbed with .
    Cools the body down… to Sleep 😀

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